When you receive flowers you need to cut 1 cm from the bottom of the stem with a diagonal cut.  This gives the end of the stem the maximum area to drink water.

When placing the flowers into a vase, make sure that the vessel is scrupulously clean.

A good household bleach is a good antibacterial agent to clean vases with. 

It is important to keep the vase topped up with water when you first cut the flowers and place them in water as they tend to drink 40% of their intake in the first 24 hours. Some varieties are thirstier than others and need a lot of water so keep an eye on the water level in the vase.

Flowers should arrive with flower food.  This works in two ways to make the flowers last longer.  The flower food is anti-bacterial and keeps the water clean and also feeds the flowers.  There are lots of ‘old wives tales’ about how to make flowers last longer and bleach and sugar works similar to flower food but the best way to keep your flowers fresh is to change the water every two or three days and re-cut the stems. 

Make sure that the flower and foliage stems under the water are clear from any foliage or debris as this causes bacteria.  If the water looks murky or isn't clear you need to refresh.

Sunlight and high temperatures shorten the life of flowers and so avoid both if possible.  Keep vases away from appliances that give off heat including the TV.

Fruit and vegetables emit ethylene gas which is an ageing hormone and so proximity to either will shorten the life of your flowers.

The pollen on lilies stains clothing and surfaces so take care where you place lilies.  If you do get any pollen on materials, the best way to remove is dab softly with sellotape so the sticky surface can remove the pollen.  Lilies can also be toxic to cats so please make sure you place them out of reach. 

Nearly all cut flowers should last well for at least five days in water.  Some scented varieties may have a shorter vase life to non-scented varieties as some of their energy is expended in their fragrance. 

If your flowers are arranged in green floral foam, it is still important to keep the foam topped up with water so that it does not dry out.  Containers will be lined but take care when watering floral foam. If you had some flower food, add it to the water as it will also help feed the flowers and keep the free from bacteria.

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