When I started in the flower industry over 30 years ago Alstroemeria was a hugely popular flower. Back then we didn't have the wide selection of flowers that we now have to use and it was available throughout the whole year. It was therefore called an AYR flower by the industry (available all year round) and some pink varieties made into my wedding flower collection.



We love to be able to source British grown flowers  and there are still a few growers of English Alstroemeria sending boxes into the London flower markets. June to August is the peak time for home grown ‘Alstro’ as it is affectionally known.  It is a very long lasting flower and it typically flowers for 10 to 12 days making it extremely good value.

Originally from South America, Alstroemeria is sometimes know as the Peruvian Lily. Its extraordinary name is down to the Swede, Clas Alstromer, who found the plant in South America in the 18th century when he was a pupil of the famous Swedish Botanist Linnaeus.


The English Alstroemeria we use for our Amazing Alstro bouquet is grown for us by "Alstroemeria Ben" from Crosslands Nursery in the UK. Ben describes Alstro as "the perfect flower" and is the fourth generation of his family to grow them in a wholesale nursery near Chichester, West Sussex.  For a while I hadn't bought much Alstroemeria but now it is really back in favour with me and with the whole PP team!